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Rules & Regulations

1) Each site is limited to one RV and one Vehicle. Additional vehicles may be accepted but Management must approve before check in date.

2) All RV’s must be well maintained and have indoor plumbing/bathroom.

3) All RV’s must be in good exterior condition and not be presented as

an eye sore.
4) Four guest per site unless approved with management prior to check in.

5) No vehicle repairs or maintenance will be performed onsite.

6) Vehicles are to be parked at the front of your site, so they are

not in the way of new arrivals.

7) Do not park on the grass. Only in designated parking areas.

8) All sites are to remain clean and free of trash, boxes, etc.

9) Only lawn furniture and items intended for outside use are allowed outside.

10) Alcohol is permitted at your site for those of legal drinking age. Do not become a nuisance to other guests.

11) Picnic tables are not to be moved without permission from management.

12) Fire pits are for charcoal and wood only. Trash is not to be burned. All fires will need to be extinguished when not attended by an adult.

13) Clothes lines are prohibited.

14) Smoking is not allowed in the laundry area or the outside shower area. Dispose of your cigarette butts properly. Do not throw them on the ground.

15) All pets must be registered at time of check in. Pets will be kept on leash at all times. Pet caged areas are accepted if approved by management. Guests must pick up after their pets and disposed of in their garbage bags. Pets can not be tied and left unattended.

16) All garbage is to be contained in a bag and dropped off at a designated area on site. No loose garbage is allowed.

17) Tent use must be approved by management. One tent will be allowed per site if it is accompanied with an RV.

18) Overnight guests must register with management and are subject to a $5.00 fee per person per night. Guests under the age of 18 will be accompanied by an adult at all times and not left alone.

19) Wi-fi provided at a cost for monthly tenants. Wi-fi is only for email and browsing only. Streaming videos and movies is not allowed.

20) Always have respect for your neighbor.

21) Quiet time for the campground is from 11:00pm to 8:00am

22) Check out time is 12:00PM.

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